blog challenge week 9 what I plan for my future

my future  hold alot fun and exciting thing like where I’m going live what schoo lI’im going to

I would like to go to a school evolves electronic because I want to be an mlg gamer like many youtubers I hope that I get pretty popular with videos and be able to a Chevy camaro and own a pretty large house and my kids will be very successfully in life I want to able to still be friends with the people I am with now and still have a good bond with all my family I want as good a YouTube as thesyndicateproject and TBNRfrags, my favourite YouTube and be a inspiration to everyone to follow their I haven’t really thought about my future that’s all I have

blog challenge week 7 a day at school

  1. What time do you normally get up to go to school?
  2. What do you normally have for breakfast, recess, lunch, tea (dinner, supper)?
  3. How do you get to school?
  4. How long does it take to get to or from school
  5. A typical lunch at school



I usually get up at 8:10 am EST

I usually have  different thing for all meals It’s hard to something to say I have usually

i usually walk to school

it usually takes 5 min to walk and 30 seconds to drive

a typical lunch at school is watching youtube videos while eating



hop on pop…should it be banned?

hop on pop shouldn’t be banned becuase when the book actually states that they’re jumping on pop to stop the hoping and there are alot of other books that are inapropiate and/or worse that book why shouldn’t they ban murder books or ghost stories that actually affect our every day live and thats just books there are horror movies and other inapropiate stuff,  why would someone complain about a childs book by dr.suess now there are also songs and video game that swearing and the games that hace bloods and gore thats is just dumb and some idiodic person would file a complaint on a childrens book does that person that soceity nowaday are that un educated to jump on their dad  stomachs I think thats just disgusting

blog challenge week 5 whats 1 of my hobbies?

one of favourite hobbies is hockey obviously living the great country of Canada & in Toronto where we have the Toronto maple leafs.

my interest in hockey started about 5 years ago when my dad was watching a leafs and it looked interesting so I sat on the couch & watched I thought It was cool that teams were working so well together ( the final score was 9-1) and at the end of the NHL season I had neighbors  that just moved in  and they loved hockey and got everyone playing and we got more skilled I thin if they  didn’t move  in I wouldn’t be playing hockey I love pass’n’plays  and how crafty you can be with dekes I love the support you get form teammates and the adrenalin you have when you’re playing now I’ve been play road hockey for about 3 years now